Anyone who has ever been in the ski resort Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, has certainly noticed the helpfulness of the lift staff.  At all cable car stations you find employees of the cable car, the so-called "Helping Hands" who arrange for that all skiers get on and off the lift comfortably. The goal is to offer the guests the best possible skiing experience.  

The "Helping Hands" can be found at all important entry and exit options in the ski area. When boarding, the skies or snowboards are removed and placed into the holdings. Therefore you can enter the cabin without shortage of time and the usual upcoming hectiness. Also when getting out of the cabin, a "helping hand" is immediately on the spot and has already taken the skies out of the holding when you step out the gondola. 

The family in the center of action

As a family region, the well-being of the children is very important to us. Often they have problens getting in and out of the lift. The "Helping Hands" ensure that these problems no longer exist and that the little ones no longer have to be afraid of the lift. It should be also be a relief for older people or those who are afraid of not beeing fast enough. 

Should someone be bad on foot or pack the buggy for example, the lifts will be slowed down by the "Helping Hands" until everyone has safely taken a seat. The cable car is then marked and as soon as it enters the mountain station, a signal sounds. At that moment, the employee there knows that he has to slow down the lift or even completely stop it.

Of course, the "Helping Hands" are on duty in summer and help our guests to get into the gondolas and with all they need help with.