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Ladis is situated at 1,180 m above sea level, has a population of approximately 540 and covers an area of 710 hectares.

About Ladis

Ladis has a rich cultural background. Urnfields, or cemeteries, dating from 1000 BC prove that it was already settled at that time. In Roman times, Ladis was a resting place on the "Via Claudia Augusta" route. In 1220, the "ecclesia de Laudes" is mentioned for the first time as a chapel or small church in a document of Pope Honorius III.

Ladis was the seat of the High Court of Laudegg for more than 400 years. Until 1684, the seat of the officers and judges of the High Court of Laudegg was the eponymous castle that still towers proudly above the village and romantic lake, which will entice you to participate in various leisure activities. The castle was already standing in the Early Middle Ages, which is proved by finds from the remains of the ramparts. In 1964, the ruins came into the possession of the Apel/von Möller families, which are still the owners today, and was restored and made inhabitable by these families in a commendable manner. Weekly tours take place in summer.

As a result of its mineral and sulphur springs, Ladis was a renowned bathing resort centuries ago. The mineral source in Obladis was discovered by the shepherd Nikolaus Schederle in 1212. The last Tyrolean Habsburg emperor Maximilian I favoured the waters of the medicinal spring for drinking. Today, the popular and extremely beneficial "Tyrolean mineral water" (state-recognised mineral source) is still bottled and sold in Obladis, and you can also taste it direct from the source.

Ladis has been able to retain its original Rhaeto-Romance image and is proud that the centuries-old farmhouses with frescoes, external staircases, carved gable struts and baking ovens are still standing. Some sections of the buildings date from the 8th century. The barrel fountains are also typical.

As a result of the mineral spring's significance in Obladis, the first holiday visitors came to Ladis, which means that Ladis could be described as the touristic cradle of the sunny plateau. In 1912, one of Tyrol's oldest skiing clubs was founded in Ladis, and this date can be equated with the first winter tourism in the region, which began in Obladis.

The village of Ladis is one of the most historical locations in Tyrol, which was happy to open its doors to tourism and always receives its many visitors with friendliness and warmth.

Map of village Ladis. Winter.
Map of village Ladis. Summer.

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